About Us

About Us


Our company started international transportation business in 1970 and it was registered as Turker in 1987. Türker logistics is an expert not only in Turkey but also in Europe as well. We are proud of offering quality in transportation and storage operations to our customers. Our transportation and storage operations have dynamic substructure and continuously developing.


Our vision is to become a global turkish logistic brand providing permanent superiority and excellent service to our customers with since 1987 of family experience. To reach our goals we are developping ourself, innovating continuously and following the spirits & dynamics of this century.

  • To use our logistic experience and resources by making a difference to become an innovator in our field,
  • To establish trustworthy relationships with our customers and to produce value added, efficient, sustainable business solutions for their needs,
  • To achieve target and solution oriented operational activities, our approach is flexible, dynamic and innovative,
  • To establish respectful, warm, valuable bonds with our strong, dynamic team and to feed common synergy by using human-oriented approach,
  • To be an exemplary brand in ethical values, social responsibilities, social benefits and sensitivity to environment.